Control solutions

With our modern and easy-to-integrate control system, facility managers can extend energy savings by up to 80%, manage expenses more efficiently, improve maintenance and asset management as well as increase safety and visual comfort for the staff.

All of our control solutions use the DALI international standard for communication as it manages and monitors system failure and is:

  • flexible
  • easy to control
  • energy efficient
  • autonomous and autohealing
  • sustainable.

Motion detection

Motion detectors are ideal for switching on luminaires automatically when people enter a room and dimming or turning them off when a room or space is not being used. This light-on-demand feature, the lighting is adapted to the real needs of the space at all times.

This easy-to-use system ensures a safe and comfortable environment with significant energy savings, as only the energy that is absolutely necessary is consumed.

Constant light with “LED controlled by nature”

Natural light is one of the most important elements in working environments, helping to create pleasant spaces and to save energy.

Our “LED controlled by nature” control system adapts the lighting levels of the luminaires (via the DALI protocol) to compensate for the lack of natural light and achieve the predefined levels of lux needed for each zone.

The lighting levels are gradually adapted so that people barely notice the changes, mimicking natural changes in daylight.

Time clock control

The time clock schedules when luminaires are switched on and off and sets lighting levels for different times of the day.

The time clock control system has unlimited “on” and “off” settings. It means that various scenarios can be planned for the different areas in a facility, taking into account the organisational use of the spaces.

Integration to BMS

All lighting control systems can generate significant energy savings as standalone solutions.

As they use the same communication protocol as other services, they can also be part of an overall integrated energy management plan that can incorporate lighting control with heating, ventilation and air conditioning, security and building management systems (BMS).

The integration of lighting into a BMS allows flexible scheduling. Customised  reporting enables facility managers to track and continuously monitor energy costs and savings throughout the entire facility.

As companies embrace Industry 4.0, the lighting can even interact to activate or improve efficiency in other utilities.

For example, if a camera at the entrance detects the licence plate of a vehicle, a luminaire could witch on to guide the driver to the correct loading bay.