Henkel Plant, Krusevac, Serbia

Optimal working environment with low energy costs and maintenance requirements


Krusevac, Serbia

  • LED lighting upgrade for production hall, access roads and car park
  • Increased light output
  • Low energy consumption
  • Excellent colour rendition for visual accuracy
  • Limited maintenance
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced carbon footprint

The international Henkel Group entrusted Schréder with providing a complete lighting solution for its new powder and liquid detergent plant in Krusevac, Serbia.

The plant was lit by conventional HID lamps which required frequent bulb changes. Not only was maintenance an on-going expense, but it was made even more challenging by the difficult access to the fixtures, which entailed stopping operations, thus impacting productivity and revenue.

The objective was to provide an optimal working environment with high-quality lighting for the employees with low energy costs and maintenance requirements.

The performing  FR LED was chosen to light the industrial hall thanks to its excellent light distribution, long life span and excellent cost-effectiveness. Its high-quality, uniform light creates a sense of well-being and contributes to high productivity. The Neos LED lights the entrance to the storage areas providing excellent visibility while the Citea LED lights the access roads and car parks.

Henkel is delighted with the lighting scheme which contributes to creating a good working environment for the staff with low energy and maintenance costs while reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

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