Schréder BE service centre

Leverage our cutting-edge industry lighting solutions for the benefit of our staff and customers


Location: Bornem, Belgium

  • Lighting upgrade for service centre
  • 500 lux (warehouse)
  • 1,000 lux (assembly line)
  • 40% energy savings
  • CRI: >80
  • UGR: <22
  • Brighter and more productive working environment

In 2019, our local entity in Belgium – Schréder BE – decided to upgrade the lighting in its service centre with high-performing luminaires from our industry range. Located in Bornem, this service centre is responsible for delivering our lighting solutions to our Belgian customers on time. No less than 50,000 luminaires pass through the service centre each year for a quality check before being sent to the different sites.

As numerous studies have highlighted, the right lighting in a working environment makes it possible to:

  • reduce errors and accidents by 60%;
  • improve staff morale and well-being;
  • increase productivity by 10%;
  • reduce energy and maintenance costs.

The lighting in the warehouse and assembly line area was replaced by luminaires from our industry range managed by a smart control system.


Comfort and performance

A total of 26 INDU BAY GEN3 were installed to replace the old fixtures fitted with 400W lamps and deliver a lighting level of 500 lux.
These high bay fixtures distribute light vertically, which enables workers to read labels clearly and operate efficiently, minimising mistakes.

In the assembly area, where the employees carry out high-precision work, 8 INDU CONTILINE luminaires provide 1,000 lux with remarkable uniformity. The staff really appreciate the improvement in their visual comfort.


Economy and ecology

The old fixtures with discharge lamps represented 55% of the company’s energy consumption. The new luminaires have reduced the energy costs by 40%.

As the warehouse has skylights, and natural light is the best, sensors were installed and connected to the Phoenix control system to continuously adapt the level of light according to the daylight outside, ensuring 500 lux at all times.

In parts of the warehouse, were there is less passage, motion detectors were installed. The luminaires are permanently dimmed by 90%. When someone enters, the light level instantly increases to 100%. If no movement is detected in the area for 10 minutes, the intensity of the light goes back down to 10%.

This smart lighting solution further reduces energy consumption without affecting productivity.


Everybody is really happy! The staff have been making great comments about the quality of light while the management will achieve a ROI period of less than 4 years.”

Tom Daniëls
Area Sales Manager

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