LIPOR waste treatment plant

Intelligent lighting solution reduces energy consumption by 80% while delivering a much better nocturnal ambiance


Ermesinde, Portugal

  • Sustainable outdoor lighting scheme for waste treatment campus
  • 80% reduction in power consumption
  • Excellent uniformity
  • 30 lux – car park
  • 20 lux – access roads
  • Safe and comfortable outdoor spaces for employees and visitors
  • Minimal maintenance costs

LIPOR is responsible for the management and treatment of urban waste produced by eight municipalities in the greater Porto region: Espinho, Gondomar, Maia, Matosinhos, Porto, Póvoa de Varzim, Valongo and Vila do Conde.
On its Ermesinde campus, the waste is treated using the most modern methods, including integrated systems and landfill minimisation.

LIPOR has a very strong corporate social responsibility policy. It runs numerous projects to promote sustainable waste management and environmental awareness. It built an adventure park on an old landfill and more recently, in collaboration with the local councils, created a 4km long ecological trail to educate the local population about the biodiversity along the Rio Tinto River and promote environmental heritage.

In 2018, the company decided to replace the outdoor luminaires on the campus, which were fitted with discharge lamps (from 250W to 1000W), as they were no longer providing the required lighting levels.
They opted for the Voltana and Neos luminaires. These high-performing luminaires have enabled them to cut the total installed power from 33kw to 7.1Kw – generating a staggering 80% reduction in energy costs.
And they provide a much better visual nocturnal environment.
The Voltana lights the streets and outdoor areas of the complex. They provide a bright white light with high visual comfort so that employees and visitors can make their way around the campus in complete safety. The Neos highlights some architectural and decorative details to enhance the environment.
LIPOR also selected the Kio LED luminaire to light the new Eco Trail. They create a safe and comfortable space for users in the most sustainable way.

All of the luminaires are controlled by the OWLET IoT City Management System. It monitors and manages the entire installation to improve the efficiency, by adapting the light levels to the exact needs of the area.
It generates additional savings that easily exceed 50%.

The Schréder solution effectively and efficiently met our needs. By implementing their innovative solutions, Lipor has significantly improved its energy efficiency and the quality of light, ensuring greater comfort for our employees and visitors.”

Dr. Fernando Leite
Administrator for Lipor

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