Ministry of Transport and Mobility (AWV) for East Limburg

Efficient and high-performing lighting solution to ensure optimal working condition in zone with uninterrupted operations in the winter


Location: Maaseik, Belgium

The building of the Ministry of Transport and Mobility for East Limburg in Belgium is used for various purposes. It is the supply site for salt gritters in the area during the winter. This site has a lot of traffic when driving conditions are particularly bad as fleets of gritters travel in and out of the site to stock up on salt during the night in a restricted space.

The quality of the lighting outside the building had deteriorated and the local authorities wanted to replace it to guarantee safety for its employees. Given the well-known advantages of LED technology for a bright light with efficiency and energy savings, they wanted an LED lighting solution. They also wanted a luminaire that had been certified 005 by Synegrid, a Belgian lighting operator. This certification is given to luminaires that have undergone rigorous photometrical, electrical, thermal and mechanical tests to ensure high-quality and long-lasting lighting solutions.

The local authorities opted for the Ampera by Schréder. Certified 005, the white light diffused by the Ampera gives an undeniable advantage over the orange glow provided by the old fixtures. In total, 16 Ampera Midi and 3 Ampera Maxi have been installed on the site. They provide improved visibility for a safer working environment with uninterrupted operations in the winter. The drivers are delighted as they can efficiently restock and get back on the roads quickly to do their job.

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