Setting the benchmark in high-bay lighting

With the 3rd generation INDU BAY, Schréder offers the leading luminaire for lighting industrial facilities with a minimised total cost of ownership.

More efficient, light, versatile, designed for the requirements of specific industries (metal, automotive, food and beverage…) and smart, it delivers the best solution on the market today for high-bay applications. It outperforms all other fixtures thanks to the substantial energy savings it generates and the performance it delivers over time.

Available with various lumen packages, light distributions and mounting options, INDU BAY GEN3 adapts the lighting to meet the specific needs of your environment.

It not only lowers your investment. It maximises it by providing a comfortable environment for your staff while limiting energy consumption to what is utterly necessary.

Thanks to its reliable performance, low dust accumulation and no need for relamping, INDU BAY GEN3 minimises maintenance costs.

INDU BAY GEN3 can also be equipped with a motion/daylight sensor for light-on-demand scenarios.

Recommended installation height4 to 12 m
Luminaire efficacyUp to 153 lm/W
Luminaire output flux600 - 32100 lm
Colour temperature4000 K
Tightness level
IP 66
Impact resistanceIK 10 (polycarbonate)
IK 08 ( glass or sensor version)
Nominal voltage220 - 240 V | 50 - 60 Hz
Electrical classEU I
Power consumption6 - 210 W
LED colour temperatureNeutral White 840
Cool White 857
- INDU BAY GEN3 14.5 kg
- INDU BAY GEN3 24.5 kg
- INDU BAY GEN3 1 EM4.5 kg
- INDU BAY GEN3 2 EM6.8 kg
- INDU BAY GEN3 1 HT5.6 kg
- BodyHigh-pressure die-cast aluminium
- ProtectorPolycarbonate (circular light distribution)
Glass (wide light distribution)
DimmingON-OFF | 1-10V | DALI

Key features

  • One-to-one replacement for HID floodlights up to 400W
  • High energy savings compared to systems with traditional discharge lamps
  • Light-on-demand feature with optional motion sensor
  • Robust design
  • Emergency lighting with optional battery
  • High visual comfort
  • No hazardous materials and silicon-free
  • Fast ROI due to long life-time and reduced maintenance
  • Compact housing optimised for heat dissipation and reduced dust accumulation
  • Dedicated range of mounting accessories
  • Compatible with Schréder’s indoor and outdoor control system

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